We give free repair estimates!

Is your vacuum making a funny sound? If so the best thing to do is to NOT TURN IT ON! Take your vacuum in for a service check. Most problems are relatively inexpensive until the vacuum has been used extensively with something that is out of balance or broken. Most units can be repaired by just cleaning the roller and changing the drive belt, but anything beyond that should be performed a professional technician. In our experience the worst damages to vacuums we repair are due to running the vacuum too long with a small problem that soon develops into a large one.

We are a Full Service facility our Repair technicians have over 50 years experience repairing vacuums. All of our employees were once Service Tech's this gives them an extensive knowledge of which vacuums will have better performance and reliability. We can repair almost any vacuum, plus we offer a rebuild service which can restore your vacuum to like new condition. Give us a call.

Got a Broken vacuum? We can help, we are located in Tulsa Oklahoma & we are more than happy to offer advice on repair. If you live in an area without a repair facility, or if you need general repair advice give us a call. 918-836-7454